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  Aluminium integrated eaves systems:guttering: coping: solar shading. - Dales Aluminium Building Products  

Dales Aluminium Building Products have been supplying quality eaves line and guttering products to the construction industry nationally for over twenty-five years.

The particular prowess of Dales is the close attention to detail and the ties built up with architects in terms of design assistance and participation.

Aluminium Guttering and Rainwater Pipe are supplied in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all building types and include Dales jointing method which is user friendly, boltless and reliable. As well as the architectural selection there is a low cost aluminium system called ‘Nordal’ which comprises of a cold rolled half round gutter in two sizes with all associated fittings. Nordal is well suited to domestic and light commercial usage and is attractively priced.

Fascias and Soffits are the core business where innovative design and manufacturing techniques combine to provide the highest quality systems to enhance the building at the all important eaves line. The fascias usually combine with a gutter that may be concealed or visible and Dales ‘Monocoque’ support systems are often employed to form the backbone of the installation ensuring perfect line and level.

Solar Shading has become a major part of the business and the recent emphasis on solar gain in Part ‘L’ has provoked a widening of the systems and methods on offer which are explained in the brand new Solar Shading and Louvre brochure.

The company is becoming more involved with the "Building for Schools" initiative and has projects on site and in detail design.

Dales have technical field sales on hand who are supported in house by qualified project managers who are individually assigned to a project for its duration.

  Tel:    0115 930 1521
Web: http://www.dales-eaves.co.uk
Email: techinfo@dales-eaves.co.uk
Fax:   0115 930 7625


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