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  Cronapress Ltd, UK manufacturer of panic alarm strip and continuous contact strip - Cronapress Ltd  

As seen on TV...!

It is often quite easy to spot crona alarmstrip in UK police dramas on the box.

police stations, doctors' surgeries,ambulances, airports,customs control, banks, prisons, hospitals, care homes, security vehicles, public offices, council offices, building societies, magistrates courts,
When scenes are shot in the interview room, have a look round the walls at about shoulder height when sitting. You will probably see a crona alarmstrip running around all four walls so that if the detective is attacked by the prisoner, both he and his colleague can reach the strip to summon help.

The pressure strip is now used with a wide variety of functions, such as...

signalling device, panic alarms, emergency cut-offs, security alarm, call for assistance, security system activation,

.. and in many locations...


Crona Alarmstrip is fitted in continuous lengths and activates by pushing anywhere along the whole length. Tactile feedback indicates when a contact has been made.

It is always within easy reach and removes the need to grope for a single, isolated alarm button, which may not be!

It is non-discriminatory - unlike, say, a personal alarm - it can be activated by other persons and colleagues nearby.

By fitting continuous lengths around the whole room or corridor, it surrounds and protects the whole area or zone making it impossible for an attacker to come between the victim and the alarm.

It can be placed at a convenient height, on the floor for foot operation and under counter tops.

Hard wired with battery backup.


With the modern demands on all organisations in terms of responsiblitiy of care to staff and members of the public, Crona Alarmstrip is a useful aid in several different ways...

As a visible deterrent

The mere fact that a highly visible alarm system is in place in an area of increased risk can deter an attacker in the first place.

Emergency - call for urgent help

In the event of an incident occurring, activation by either the victim or another person nearby can summon appropriate personnel to the identified location.

Alert - activate monitoring

Some locations are lonely at certain times of day and threatening to users, such as corridors in hospitals at night or routes to remote car parking. To give staff and other users more protection, systems can be configured to alert a central security office - including CCTV recording activation - to focus attention on a location when the alarmstrip is activated. An audible message confirming that the area is now under observation also deters any would-be attacker.


crona alarmstrip corridorcrona alarmstrip connected to CCTV 


  Tel:    01943 876600
Web: http://www.cronapress.co.uk
Email: fred.keery@cronapress.co.uk
Fax:   01943 870088


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