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  Outdoor Play Equipment Foundation Stage - Creative Cascade UK Ltd  

A foundation stage teacher has recently designed this resource specifically for the outdoor curriculum. The product consists of stands with openings at 6 different heights to support guttering.


It is robust and weatherproof so that it can be stored outside and is virtually indestructable. The children can move and set up the equipment themselves and it is at this stage of the activity that the most dramatic learning takes place. The children negotiate the formation they want and then work together to overcome problems. The equipment is large and exciting and once a run has been buillt the children squeal with delight as they watch cars, balls or water run down the pipes. Without these stands teachers spend many frustrating hours with children as they try to support pipes on crates or tie them to fences. This equipment keeps the creativity and challenge (that is lost when pipes are fixed to a wall) but avoids the frustration that can result from other options.

  Tel:    01438 869788
Web: http://www.creativecascade.co.uk
Email: enquiries@creativecascade.co.uk
Fax:   0118 900 7804


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