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  Cow & Monkey - Cow & Monkey  
  I believe that the personal touch is a pleasant touch and a web-design service should be a friendly and approachable one. You want reliabilty, honesty and creativity, and thats's exactly what we're about.

So, however big or small your business is, give us a try. Of course, we can provide an all singing & all dancing solution, but we also know that big sites costing a packet may not necessarily be right for you.

I’d like to introduce you to Cow and Monkey where I believe I can turn web-design on it’s head by offering your business outstanding web presence with the flexibility to move forward whenever you need to.

Everything we do at Cow and Monkey is specificaly tailored to your budget ! That's it, simple!. No if's, no but's, or sharp intakes of breath.

Up to the minute web-design without ripping you off in the process, now there's a first.
  Tel:    0870 360 5886
Web: http://www.cowandmonkey.com
Email: info@cowandmonkey.com
Fax:   0870 360 5887


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