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  The complete Low Surface Temperature radiator cover service - Coverad Limited  
  Trusted Expertise.

Since 1993 Coverad Limited has built up a tried and trusted expertise designing and manufacturing tough protective covers that suit virtually every type of radiator; hot water, oil filled, electric or steam and the associated pipe work.
Offered in polymer or steel the covers guard people from scalding surfaces, or conversely, protect the radiator and pipe work from aggressive behaviour whilst maximising heat output and providing a clean, smart appearance.
In addition to the radiator covers, the company makes bespoke security and safety guards to protect sensitive equipment or persons from accidental harm; door stops, wall plates and edging strips to protect walls from damage and polycarbonate mirrors cut to any shape.

Legislation & Guidelines.

In-depth experience has led to innovative products that are tailor-made to meet current legislation and guidelines. For instance, Coverad Limited manufactures products that comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act, National Care Standards and the NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes, "Safe hot water and surface temperatures” - ISBN 0113221584 (formally known as DN4)

The NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes, ISBN 0113221584, was issued following a number of serious accidents, some of which proved fatal, arising from the high surface temperatures of radiators. The publication shows that with a water temperature of 70°C, people will receive partial thickness skin burns in approximately 7/10ths of a second and full thickness burns in 10 seconds. The issue is therefore a serious one and cannot be ignored.
Many hot water radiators in use today have been sized to operate with a flow water temperature of 80°C to the radiator and a 70°C return, providing indoor air temperatures ranging from 19°C to 28°C. The higher the indoor temperature requirement the larger the radiator needs to be. Even with thermostatic radiator valves fitted, dangerously high surface temperature are still possible. The maximum surface temperature recommended in the Guidance Notes should not exceed 43°C Design Service

The company’s free design service, including a site survey, is the product of successfully supplying over 100,000 radiator covers plus numerous of its other products throughout the UK and Ireland for hospital wards and corridors, surgeries, homes for the aged, sheltered accommodation, nurseries, schools, hostels, police cells, prisons and commercial buildings where the public has access such as banks and shopping malls.

Installation Knowledge

Each project completed has resulted in a foundation of knowledge embracing every aspect of design and supply, from ensuring adequate heat output, deciding the optimum size, edge shape, strength and material for a particular application, to the best way of co-ordinating installation with budgetary requirements. To ensure products are installed with the minimum of fuss Coverad have teams of trained fitters experienced in all aspects of installation. Our aim is to provide customers’ with the most cost-effective solution taking into account the latest guidelines and government legislation.

Radiator Cleaning Service

As a result of the increased awareness of MRSA in hospitals and the efforts of Facilities Managers to achieve generally higher standards of cleanliness in all public buildings, it has become very apparent that the most neglected fittings are radiators and their associated pipes. These are usually difficult to access and do not normally come under the remit of general cleaning contractors. The build-up of grime, dust and dirt trapped behind radiators is obvious if one cares to look!
To answer this cleaning problem, Coverad Limited in collaboration with one of Britain’s top hospitals, has perfected a cleaning method that utilises powerful vacuum and high temperature steaming techniques leaving radiators in a certified sanitised condition.
Specially trained operatives will remove any Low Surface Temperature covers, clear away solid objects, vacuum all surfaces ( whilst minimising airborne dust contamination) then, using high temperature steam at 120°C, sanitise the radiator and the LST cover. Repairing or replacing damaged covers can be included as part of the service.
  Tel:    01730 893393
Web: http://www.coverad.co.uk
Email: info@coverad.co.uk
Fax:   01730 893696


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