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  Temperature Monitoring - Fridge and Freezer Data Logging, Due Diligence Report Printing and Alarm system - Cornerstone Systems Ltd  
Cool Sense Food simulation sensor in each fridge, freezer, cold room and dishwasher
How much time do you spend taking Due Diligence temperatures?
Do you know when fridge and freezer temperatures are too high, or too low?
Let Cool Sense monitor your fridges, freezers, cold rooms and dishwashers for you.
Due Diligence Reports
Prints a report daily (or on demand); shows each sensor, maximum, minimum and alarm values on every hour.
Each alarm is printed together with time, date and space for “Reason for Alarm” and signature.
Temperature Sensors
Food Simulation sensors take - “core” temperatures or use Air Temperature sensors.
Sensors hard wired or radio linked.
Alarm Delay Time
Configurable for each sensor to prevent false alarms
PC Data Download
Provides long term storage of data, review of historic information and printed reports.
Time Saving – Cost Justification
The average time for you manually to take a temperature reading to satisfy current regulations is 1 minute per reading. 20 readings taken 3 times per day costs 365 hours per year. monitors your premises and produces reports automatically.
Telephone Gareth Hughes 01785 818020 or e mail gareth@cornerstonesystems.co.uk to arrange on site demonstration.
  Tel:    01785 818020
Web: http://www.cornerstonesystems.co.uk
Email: gareth@cornerstonesystems.co.uk
Fax:   01785 811699


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