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  Complus Teltronic are leading manufacturers of Integrated Intercom Solutions - Complus Teltronic Ltd  

A wide range of Solutions are available providing the ability to speak via Intercom from anywhere to anywhere; on stand-alone systems or fully networked solutions. Examples include intercom in single buildings, multiple sites, across whole cities, throughout the entire country and even internationally.

Complus Teltronic also supply specialist solutions to meet with specific British and European Standards, including EN81-28, EN81-72, BS5588 Part 8, BS5839 Part 9, and London Underground specific standards.

Applications include General Security, Lifts, Car Parks, Town Centres, Heavy Industry, Universities, Oil & Petrochem, Prisons, Police, Militrary, Hospitals, Airports and many others.

The applications vary depending upon circumstance and include Emergency SOS Alarms; On-street Help Points, Emergency Lift Intercom; Entry/Exit Barriers and Pay Machines in car parks; Disabled Refuge Systems; Fire Fighting and Evacuation Lifts, Custodial Cell Intercom, Door and Gate control, Drillers’ Intercom on Oil Rigs etc

  Tel:    01279 457510
Web: http://www.complusteltronic.co.uk
Email: sales@complus.co.uk
Fax:   01279 445 453


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