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  Affordable Buildings - Collinson plc  
Affordable indoor football pitches and sports facilities
A new indoor sports facility is now a financial reality, thanks to innovative Best-Hall construction materials and techniques used by Collinson plc. Suitable for football, tennis, rugby, netball, basketball – these structures are ideal for schools, clubs, academies and training camps of all sizes and budgets.
Whole life costs are low - Collinson structures can be designed, constructed and operated at a fraction of the cost of traditional buildings. Their low structural weight minimises the foundations necessary; the pre-engineered design results in fast construction on site. Natural daylight passing through the white translucent roof significantly reduces energy requirements throughout the life of the hall, without costly glazing or the problems of glare; controllable lighting is provided by energy efficient lamps.
Every building is manufactured to order, to specified dimensions – up to a maximum 100m clear span and any length / height, big enough to cover a full football pitch. The wide span, steel framed buildings have a very heavy duty PVC coated polyester membrane cover, fitted under tension to give a taut, professional finish. Buildings are fully weatherproof, with powered roof ventilators and passive wall vents to maintain a pleasant interior environment. There is a choice of colours, optional exterior cladding, lighting, synthetic playing surfaces, rebound boards and equipment packages.
Although costs are low, the finish and attention to detail are high, as can be seen at the growing number of installations nationwide and beyond.

Sports Hall on a budget for Humphrey Perkins
Location: Humphrey Perkins School, Loughborough

Main Contractor: Architect: Size: Floor area: Scope of Supply: Humphrey Perkins High School in Leicestershire was in desperate need of a new sports facility, their existing indoor sports area was the original school hall, built in 1902. The new sports hall would enable the school to convert the original hall into an Arts Theatre as part of their Specialist Arts College status.Design & Build, Principal ContractorFollowing an unsuccessful bid to the National Sports Foundation they had to rethink their original plans. The school now needed to find a cost effective solution without compromising on facilities. Extensive research showed a steel frame tension membrane sports hall would meet their needs.A number of staff from Humphrey Perkins visited a Collinson Sports Hall and were very impressed with the quality of construction and state of the art tension membrane system. Alistair Keates the School Manager said ‘visiting this site confirmed in our minds that working with Collinson would enable us to achieve the sports hall we wanted.’The solution offered was a Collinson Challenger series Sports Hall comprising a tension membrane building with a steel superstructure, to provide a playing area 33m x 18.5m with the floor marked out for badminton, basketball, netball, tennis and volleyball. Cricket & divisional nets were also installed.The white translucent roof allows daylight to permeate into the building helping to reduce energy requirements and cut the running costs dramatically whilst providing a light and airy atmosphere. Ancillary features include; P.U sports flooring, rebound walls, storage area, external cladding, sports equipment and netting. All services are fully integrated with lighting, ventilation, dehumidification and under floor heating to provide the perfect sporting environment. The project was completed in just 6 months at a fraction of the cost of a traditional building.Mark Hitch, Deputy Headteacher said, “We are delighted to gain access to this outstanding facility which will transform the sporting opportunity for our pupils and the local community.” The pupils were just as enthusiastic in their delight at having access to such a modern building.  Features include:74333.8m x 22m / 7m (744m2)Leicestershire County Council Architects Collinson plc

Whole life value

Low project costs

Proven Durability

 Natural Daylight
Fast Efficient Build

 Superior Fire Safety

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