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  cleanerswarehouse.co.uk - Cleaners Warehouse  

Cleanerswarehouse.co.uk supplies cleaning equipment, chemicals and consumables to the cleaning industry. With brand names such as Dry Fusion, Research Products, Prochem, Citrus and Cleaners Warehouse own label brands (Proshield and Biochem), buyers won’t waste valuable time and money visiting wholesalers, they can simply visit  cleanerswarehouse.co.uk and in a few clicks restock and be ready for business.

Customers can be assured that cleanerswarehouse.co.uk is a completely secure online shopping service. However, not only is it safe, it is speedy too.  If a customer places an order today before 3.00pm then they will receive their goods tomorrow. If the order was placed after then, they will receive them the day after.

  Tel:    +(44) 1772 433711
Web: http://www.cleanerswarehouse.co.uk
Email: sales@cleanerswarehouse.co.uk
Fax:   +(44) 1772 431289


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