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  Chartex - Charts Designed to Educate - Chartex Products International Limited  
Chartex, UK's leading producer of education and instructin charts for the health, fitness, education and sports markets. Designed in conjunction with top British Universities and Specialists in the field of sports science, medicine, health and fitness, the Charts provide sound accurate information, attractively portrayed and easy to understand. They are an ideal reference source for the educator and those wanting to learn about how the human body works in both medical and exercise terms. Anatomy of the muscles, joints, nerves, heart and circulation give an overall picture of how these systems in our body work to maintain life. The range of fitness charts illustrate how to exercise these systems and benefit from different training methods. 
Fitness is comprehensively catered for with charts on stretching, heart rate monitoring, warm-up routine, sports training, inflatable ball exercises and many more.
We also have charts designed to deal with issues associated with the impact on health of drugs, smoking and alcohol, as well as an informative charts on sexual health and the benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise.
Our Upper and Lower Limb rehab cards provide over 350 different exercises for the rehabilitation of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers,foot, ankle, knee and hip. Professionally designed as an A6 size card they provide excellent education information about how to do the exercise chosen and which muscles are actively working.
  Tel:    01793 530880
Web: http://www.chartexltd.co.uk
Email: info@chartexltd.co.uk
Fax:   01793 491035


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