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  Energy-efficient automated HVAC systems - CentraLine  

CentraLine is a Europe-wide brand for energy-efficient HVAC automation in small and medium sized buildings. It employs proven technologies from Honeywell

The web site at

CentraLine products and systems are available exclusively through carefully selected CentraLine Partners. These are highly trained to deliver excellence during project design, installation, commissioning and lifetime support.

Planners and end customers benefit equally from this partnership concept. Planners can always count on full support in carrying out their work and on obtaining quality products that enable them to meet clients’ wishes. The overall system architecture is designed to be reliable, functional and future-safe. It thus fulfils the technical prerequisites for being able to make binding statements about costs in advance. All modules are easy to configure, so end customers can rely on the system being installed smoothly and on time.

a global HVAC leader tailored precisely to individual buildings and requirements. www.centraline.com includes sample buildings and applications a wealth of solutions using well-proven technologies that can be tailored precisely to the requirements of individual commercial, public or mixed-use premises.
  Tel:    01344 656565
Web: http://www.centraline.com
Email: info-uk@centraline.com
Fax:   01344 656563


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