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 An experienced team of chemists and product developers at flooring specialists Resin Surfaces Ltd has developed a new generation of polyaspartic materials with game-changing benefits for the custodial marketplace.

This means refurbishment of holding areas like cells can be done quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.

The most common barriers to effective flooring solutions using polyaspartics have been length of pot life and odours present during application and impact on the environment.

Elladur™ is the first resin solution to combat all of these issues. At the same time, it delivers the durability, performance, and quality that you come to expect from an RSL floor.

The range is fast-curing, even at low temperatures, solvent free, UV stable, low odour, and can be applied to a wide range of substrates in a variety of applications.

 By reducing installation time from days to just a few hours Elladur™ has already helped RSL make serious inroads into the custodial and retail sectors, both of whom need a super swift return to service and minimal disruption.

But this key benefit is of interest to companies in many industrial and commercial environments. Pharma and manufacturing are key targets going forward.

Being low odour Elladur™ also helps contractors speed up completion times. An Elladur™ surface can be back in full working order long before competitor products.

Martin again: “Polyaspartics have been notoriously unpleasant to use in terms of odour, but our new technology has changed all that. This has been universally welcomed by contractors. Elladur™ is now user-friendly and easy to apply, designed to achieve the highest level of performance as safely as possible.”

Elladur™ comes with a range of base coat options, different thickness levels, decorative styles, quality finishes and additional features, such as line-markings.

And it does it all without the use of harmful solvents and minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it also reduces environmental impact.

Martin Wroe again: “We have long pioneered environmentally-friendly solutions and Elladur™ fully supports this philosophy, It is one of our greenest solutions to date, helping us and our customers reduce our impact on the environment.


The Elladur™ systems include:

·         Elladur™  SF  - a high-build polyaspartic fast-cure floor coating system based on advanced  materials, designed to provide a tough and durable gloss finish in a variety  of thicknesses.

·         Elladur™ Deco FL  - a multi-component polyaspartic fast-cure floor system which utilises coloured flakes to provide a decorative flooring system.

·         Elladur™ Deco BC - a multi-component polyaspartic fast-cure floor system which uses coloured quartz aggregates to provide  a decorative flooring finish.

·         Elladur™ LM  - a high-build polyaspartic fast-cure line marking coating based on advanced materials, designed to provide coloured tough and durable gloss floor finish in a range of thicknesses. Elladur LM is light stable with very good chemical resistance and can be applied to a variety of finishes and surfaces.  Additional slip resistance can be created by incorporating suitable aggregates.

RSL’s R&D team is widely respected across the commercial and industrial flooring industry with two decades of investment. They now work with industry, contractors, architects and end-users to better appreciate demands and create new and improved products to suit a variety of specifications.

Martin concludes: “We are confident Elladur™ will move both RSL and the whole industry forward.”

For more information contact RSL on 0161 483 1232 or go to www.elladur.com and click on products - Elladur - to make an enquiry. Follow us @Elladur.

About RSL

RSL is the UK's leading specialist manufacturer of resin floor and wall finishes. Its extensive range includes: primers, epoxy resin floor coatings, epoxy resin floor screeds and self-smoothing finishes, polyurethane floor coatings, polyurethane floor screeds and self-smoothing finishes, wall coatings, anti-static flooring systems, cleaning and maintenance products. The company serves customers in a wide variety of sectors across the UK and overseas including many household names. Its Resuthane product is a market leader in the food and drink industry. The company employs 33 from its Stockport manufacturing and distribution base. 

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