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  Cupa Natural Slate - CUPAGROUP  
Cupa has been quarrying slate for more than a century. The company now employs 900 people, producing around 170,000 tons of slate each year from its own quarries. Using the best production and quality control techniques, Cupa slates meet all internationally recognised standards.
Each slate can be tracked, from quarry to installation, by a unique barcode listing its origin, composition and test results, for unsurpassed traceability and future matching.
Slate is a natural, a pleasing stone. Its strength, insolubility and imperviousness make it on of the most durable easy to maintain and versatile materials
  Tel:    +44 131 22 53 111
Web: http://www.cupanaturalslate.co.uk
Email: uk.cupa@cupagroup.com
Fax:   +44 131 22 05 463


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