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Main Product/ Service Description: CMPi, organisers of The Interiors Event, have set up a partnership with Johnny Grey, designer, cultural influencer and author to establish a programme of conferences in the design and construction sectors of the industry.


The conferences will challenge current thinking, help interpret consumer needs and enable designers to translate the future needs of society with greater accuracy. Inspirational and forward thinking, Foresight will focus on one day conferences throughout 2007 and into 2008.


The first conference, entitled Housing from Heaven, will take place on April 25th 2007 at RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), London. This initial conference is aimed at architects, house builders, developers, interior designers, planners and the construction industry. Leading experts have been asked to talk about their vision and frustrations, as well as their solutions, and to debate some of the major issues faced so that the art of creating homes can be relearned.


HOUSING FROM HEAVEN will consist of the following sessions:


  • A designer’s challenge; from mistrust, to creativity and shared interests: How to work with house builders and how they can work with designers. Wayne Hemmingway, Chairman of Building for Life
  • Placemaking. Ben Derbyshire, HTA Architects
  • Valuing design, sustainability and the economics of housing. Yolande Barnes, Savills
  • Managing Creatives from the house builders side Nick Johnson, Urban Splash
  • The end of rooms: the interior rethought. From psychology to the latest findings in neuroscience the place we call Home as more complexity and opportunity for sociable living. Johnny Grey, Designer
  • A modern vision for houses and apartments Alison Brooks, practising architect and planner
  • Living Villages, making collective living and sustainability work. Bob Tomlinson, MD of Living Villages
  • Panel Discussion: Implementation of change All speakers


There will be morning and afternoon sessions, with lunch and refreshments served throughout the day followed by a drinks reception.


For more information and to book your tickets to Housing from Heaven, the first Foresight Design Conference, visit www.foresight-design.co.uk.


More conferences will take place throughout 2007 including Mapping the Future Kitchen, The Gourmet Bathroom and The Emotionally Intelligent House. Watch out for more details coming soon…

  Tel:    0207 921 8089
Web: http://www.foresight-design.co.uk
Email: sfisher@cmpi.biz
Fax:   0207 921 8450


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