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  Secure solutions for valuables in transit, from cash, Jewellery, to Doctors carrying drugs - CHECKMATE DEVICES LTD  

Providing Solutions for Valuables in Transit throughout the World

Checkmate Devices Ltd was established in the United Kingdom in 1962. We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of safe for use in vehicles. We call them "Travel Safes" they offer front line anti snatch protection to your cash and valuables together with reducing the risk of personal attack to your drivers. The travel safes are available in many different sizes and are very easily fitted into almost any type of vehicle.

Each safe clearly has printed on it "KEY AT DEPOT ONLY" thus deterring opportunist attackers, as the driver does not hold the key. Locks and keys fitted to all Checkmate Safes can only be supplied through Checkmate Devices Ltd. A record of locks and serial numbers is kept so those clients can obtain replacement locks and keys on request. The majority of the models fit directly into a base plate, which is a permanently fixed to the vehicle floor.

There are 4 main lid types The Plain Lid Safes: - these are fitted with either a hinged or sliding lid and are ideal for caring important document, lap top computers, jewellery, photographic equipment, Drugs and Medicines. The Slotted Lid Safes: - these offer a cash slot with a baffled entry for depositing bank notes or sealed envelopes. The Roll Top Safes: - these offer extreme ease of uses. The operator places loose or bagged items into the roller top then turns the roller handle and the contents drop into the safe compartment below. The Coin Chute Safes: - these are ideal for bagged cash, bags are pushed into the chute where they will also drop into the safe compartment below.

For further details please telephone Debbie on 01308 423871 or visit our web sire www.checkmatesafes.co.uk.

  Tel:    01308 423871
Fax:   01308458276


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