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  Call Recording, Interview Recording & Evidence Suite technology from Business Systems (UK) Ltd - Business Systems (UK) Ltd  


The Interview Recording & Evidence Suite (IRES) from Business Systems, provides the next generation of interview recording technology for all organisations that require accurate and secure evidence as part of their interview process.
Designed to meet the standards of public authorities, security services and associated law enforcement agencies IRES is an end-to-end digital server solution. Interviews are recorded locally, stored securely and depending upon policy, can be made available for electronic distribution via secure networking to other authorised users and associated departments.
IRES provides voice and/or video recording, and with an intuitive workflow it can substantially reduce the number of processes involved in interviewing and evidence collection. IRES complies with the most stringent law enforcement directives and codes of practice whilst ensuring that data integrity and suitable working practices are maintained.
Using IRES
Before commencing the interview a custody, case or reference number is entered into the system and this provides a unique identifier to which all relational data is linked. When using video, a twin camera arrangement provides a close-up view of the interviewee and a wide angle view of all participants at all times to guarantee integrity of process.
Next Generation Interview Recording Suite
Once the interview ends the digital file now resides on a central server in a secure and encrypted read-only format; it is available for ‘rules-based’ security access which will typically be for local replay and remote transcription services. Once transcribed the new text file remains electronically linked to the original recording and the IRES text search facility provides rapid cross referencing to the corresponding sections of the original interview.
IRES - Fieldwork Version
All the benefits of IRES are also available to fieldwork operatives in the form of a ruggedized laptop providing fast and efficient handling of situations that are geographically dispersed.
The fieldwork version of IRES works in two different modes. Mode one:- as a standalone device so that the interview is recorded onto the laptop and the file transferred to the central server post-interview. Mode two:- with the addition of a communications link, live video can be streamed to other designated points; this allows geographically remote monitoring and inclusion of an expert audience.
Key Benefits
- High Quality Interviews and Evidence – Combined audio and video captures the total event
- Bureaucratic Control – Centralised storage, rules-based information sharing
- Process Integrity – No compromising of the data content or the surrounding processes
- Speed of Access – Instant access to read-only interviews and transcripts
- Search Facilities – Search functionality across transcripts correlated to interviews
- Cost Savings – Lower operational costs compared to historical systems
- Mobile & Emergency – Fieldwork versions for rapid deployment in-theatre
- Live Streaming – Remote monitoring or engagement of wider audience into the process
IRES has been designed to integrate into existing and future technologies.
Public Safety Call Recording
If mistakes are made an inquiry will almost certainly be carried out with people or organisations having to defend their actions, possibly in a court of law. The spoken word therefore is critical in determining what was said, by whom to whom and when it was said.
Business Systems UK Voice Recording Products have been engineered to meet the demanding needs of the Public Safety sector by capturing voice and data communications together with the necessary tools to locate the actual call required. All incoming or outgoing communication either by telephone or radio is automatically recorded and stored on the system’s own internal Hard Disks together with relevant data such as time, date, duration of call. Additional data such as the identity of both caller and your own employee are available options dependant upon system configurations.
Peace of Mind is ensured via the system’s Dual Disk drives which ensure that the important calls in question will be recorded. Archiving of calls is also available, if required, via media such as DVD, AIT and DDS DAT tapes.
The location and playback of calls can be carried out quickly and easily via the User Friendly Query and Search applications running on the Operator’s / Supervisor’s own PC Workstations connected via LAN/WAN or virtual private network. Authorised Operators / Supervisors etc can also monitor live calls in Real Time thus providing a platform for ‘on the spot’ decision making to be carried out.
Business Systems UK provide the latest technology systems and ‘know how’ to solve the problems associated with Emergency situations whether Ambulance, Police, Fire or Public Transport are involved.
  Tel:    020 8326 8280
Web: http://www.businesssystemsuk.co.uk/interviewrecording
Email: sales@businesssystemsuk.com
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