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  Bridgeman Education - the definitive online educational image resource - Bridgeman Education  

Bridgeman Education gives you access to the visual culture of every civilization from Mesopotamia to Mesoamerica and every period from Prehistory to the present.  The content from our museums, galleries, historic houses, private collections, photographers and artists extends far beyond European and Western art to Africa, Asia, Australasia, the Americas and even the Polar Regions.
Bridgeman Education is renowned for the size of its collection (over 300,000 high-quality images, with nightly updates and 500 images added weekly at no extra cost)
its legality (unlike most images found online, every image has been copyright-cleared for educational use by staff and students) its cross-curricular nature (our images cover all areas, from Art History to Medicine, Design, Fashion, History, Geography, Politics, Science and much, much more the variety of ways in which users can interact with our site
Our extensive metadata makes it effortless to track downentries; moreover users can create, save, email, downloadand play slideshows of images on any computer; copy and paste the images into word processing software; zoom in on details; or browse the collection useing our various search functions. '

  Tel:    020 7908 1605
Web: http://www.bridgemaneducation.com
Email: bridgemaneducation@bridgemanart.co.uk
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