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  Body Composition & Fluid Monitoring Devices - Bodystat Limited  
  BODYSTAT® are established as one of the global leaders in body composition analysis using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. 

Complex changes occur in body composition and fluid status during Obesity Weight Management programs and illness. Monitoring these biological changes can provide a clear insight for early diagnosis and treatment. As the need for non-invasive, non-intrusive diagnostic systems has increased and regular monitoring becomes even more important, clinicians are seeking quick, simple solutions to monitor these changes. 

Our products are used in a wide range of fields, from researchers to practitioners, paediatrics, dieticians, neonates, rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS, geriatrics, eating disorders and general health and wellbeing. 
Bodystat® devices are scientifically validated, accurate, portable, and all carry the CE marking for the Medical Devices Directive.
The BODYSTAT®1500 accurately measures Lean/Fat ratios and water levels quickly and painlessly.
Bodystat has released the Bodystat 1500MDD ideal for children and adults. It is suitable for Wellness and Obesity centres for patient assessment. Bodystat’s unique Wellness MarkerTM is specifically designed to assess overall cellular health status and possible earliest signs of cellular degradation, quickly and non-invasively.
Bodystat’s QuadScan 4000 unit includes measurements at critical frequencies to determine intra- and extra-cellular fluid levels, Body Cell Mass and much more. Its Phase Angle and innovative ILLNESS MARKERTM (whole body & segmental) is directly measured without the need for subject weight and is independent of sex, age and population group. This nutritional assessment concept has created considerable international interest.
Results can be downloaded via Bluetooth into a portable printer or Windows software program for instant data analysis. Within the Windows software additional data such as heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol and many more, may be entered into the software programs. It is then possible to produce an accurate report, which can be related to lifestyle choices which impact on health or the data can simply be stored to create a database for each client. 
  Tel:    01624-629571
Web: http://www.bodystat.com
Email: info@bodystat.com
Fax:   01624-611544


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