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  Grass reinforcement meshes and grass paving grids for grass car parks, access routes and paths - Boddingtons Limited  

GrassProtecta™ :


GrassProtecta™ grass protection mesh is a heavy duty thick extruded plastic grid for the protection and reinforcement of grassed areas prone to becoming muddy and rutted in wet conditions. Grass protection mesh protects the grass from wear and offers essential ground reinforcement. GrassProtecta™ allows full natural drainage and can be used as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS).


Applications include grassed car parks, overflow car parks, golf buggy paths, light aircraft taxiways, grass paths, grass car parks, emergency access routes, equestrian surface reinforcement, grass verges protection & caravan parks. Manufactured from high density polyethylene, the thermoplastic grass reinforcement mesh incorporates a blowing agent which gives the mesh a rougher surface thus creating a less slippery surface.


The grass protection mesh is coloured green, UV stabilised, rot resistant, chemically inert and therefore provides a long term reinforcement solution. GrassProtecta™ ground reinforcement mesh, offers much higher reinforcement to grass than our turf reinforcement mesh, and is far more economical and cost effective to install than Bodpave® grass paving grids.

Grass Protection mesh is manufactured in two grades, Standard & Premium to suit different load bearing capacities, and is available on 1m and 2m wide rolls


Standard grade applications Include :


Grassed overflow car parks

Wheelchair access routes

Heavy pedestrianised grassed paths

Heavy grade applications include :


-Grassed car parks

-Grassed roads

-Emergency grass access routes

-Grassed runways

-Light aircraft taxiways

-Caravan & holiday park areas

-Equestrian surfaces

-Grassed verges


Installation guidelines :


GrassProtecta™ grass protection mesh is laid directly onto the grass surface and secured every 500mm to 1000mm by steel U-pins. If the surface is uneven, then measures should be made to level and any depressions and filled with a mixture of sand, topsoil & seed. The grass roots will quickly grow through the mesh apertures and will intertwine with the mesh filaments, creating a very strong, stable and reinforced surface. The grass protection system ensures the grassed area will soon resume its natural appearance as the mesh disappears beneath the surface, and will immediately be capable of supporting regular vehicular traffic. Ideal for parking a car on grass.



BodPave® :


Bodpave® grass pavers are a strong interlocking 100% recycled plastic grid paving system for stabilising grass that is used for regular pedestrian and vehicle use. Bodpave® grass pavers are intended to be installed on a firm well drained base to provide a higher level of protection than our standard turf reinforcement mesh.


Bodpave® grass paving grids can be filled with a mixture of soil / sand and seed or can be turfed for immediate use.


Due to its design, Bodpave® grass pavers provides a visually pleasant and stable surface structure through which grass can be grown. The grass reinforcement paving systems open honeycomb cells allow unrestricted grass growth and allows full natural drainage and can be used as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS). The grid is 40mm thick and will disappear beneath the surface after just a few months of the grass growing season.


Bodpave® paving is the ideal grass stabiliser and grass reinforcement system for grass paths, overspill car parks, wheelchair access routes, fire engine access roads, emergency grass access routes, grass car parks, lawn protection and other applications where regular wear causes erosion and damage to the grass surface, and a natural grass surface is required.


• The grass pavers resists deformation and fracture • Quick and easy installation with no excavation or pegging - Pavers connect to each other • Ideal for overspill car parks, drives, paths and cycle routes.

• Manufactured from recycled polyethylene • 500 x 500 x 40mm - 4 pavers (1sqm)


Bodpave® grass protection paving system is an ideal for protecting grass from traffic and heavy predestrian use. However, Bodpave® plastic pavers will not compensate for weak ground conditions where more structural solutions are necessary



TurfProtecta™ :


Turfprotecta™ turf reinforcement mesh is an extruded plastic mesh for the protection and reinforcement of grass and turf. The turf reinforcement mesh stabilises the grass and enables the grass to intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments creating a strong stable reinforced grassed surface. The grass protection mesh is ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle use, overflow car parks, and airport taxi-ways.


When installing turf reinforcement mesh, it is essential that the plastic reinforcing mesh should be laid down to give enough time for the grass roots to intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments (E.g. early spring). This usually takes approximately one growing season. The protected area will soon resume its natural appearance with the turf reinforcement mesh dissapearing below the surface of the grass providing a stable surface that will withstand the weight of vehicles and heavy pedestrian use. The grass reinforcement mesh is available in black & green in a standard grade, and black in a heavy duty grade.


Turfprotecta™ Turf reinforcement mesh is ideal for :


• Overflow car-parks

• Pedestrian grassed areas

• Small aircraft taxi-ways


During the growing season TurfProtecta ™ can be laid and ready for use within just a few weeks as the grass grows quickly through the mesh apertures. Out of this season it is advisable to ensure that a longer period before use is adhered to (the mesh can become slippery in wet conditions when the grass has not been given time to grow through the mesh apertures). If installed in the winter months, we advise not to use the area until mid-spring or when the mesh has been fully covered by the grass growth.

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