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  Biostore - a Central Store for Biometric Information - Biostore Ltd  

Biostore is a central database which attaches a Biometric record, of fingerprint, Iris, palm print or in future any other Biometric identifier to a student record. Biostore talks to other software, and when asked, confirms the identity of a student seeking to use a service within the school. For instance, when a student asks for a book from in the library, or at meal times wishes to purchase lunch, their identity is confirmed by Biostore.

Biostore operates with your existing software. There is no need to replace systems already in place to implement biometrics. You can choose the best solution for the job, and use it with Biostore. Biostore cuts out the need for maintaining a number of different biometric databases in different applications.

Because we specialise in just Biometrics, we are able to make sure that performance, reliability, and security remain the top priority.

Biometrics replace cards which are insecure, take up large amounts of admin time and are expensive to replace. Other methods such as passwords and PIN numbers can be stolen and ‘shared’. Implement Biometrics correctly and parents, children and schools are all happy with the results.

Schools are introducing Biometrics in Libraries, Cashless Catering, Registration, Access, and potentially into other areas. There is no need to maintain a number of different databases, or to change existing software to take on board Biometrics. Biostore provides one central Biometric database, which talks to all applications.

Biostore has been providing solutions for years to schools, through well known Software providers who are already partners. The solution is tried, tested and trusted by schools. Our partners have experience of Biometrics in many hundreds of schools.

Biostore is available through partners, who already provide you with software, or directly from us.

For more information about our solutions, call 01993 880777

  Tel:    01993 880777
Web: http://www.biostoresolutions.co.uk
Email: info@biostoresolutions.co.uk
Fax:   01993 883763


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