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  The Bench Ventilation Company - Bench Vent  

 Bench Vent was originally set up to answer the call that industrial workers were suffering from respiratory issues from the inhalation of dust particles and fumes from dangerous chemicals. Over the course of thirty years, Bench Vent has expanded its product line to incorporate the numerous industries that might also be affected by such issues.

The scale has remained local, supplying equipment that answers to LEV rules and regulations, ensuring workers are protected at a personal level. With the growth of DT in schools, Education has become one of the most important markets for Bench Vent, with approximately one in four units being sold into an educational institution of some kind. The units are available in different sizes, shapes, orientations and with different types of filtration systems depending on your situation and requirements.

Down-draught benches are also available with sizes to suit, which enable to user to work directly on a bench top that filters out dust particles, glue and overspray as the work is completed. This would usually be ducted through an external wall.

All Bench Vent units come with a lifetime guarantee (register online) conditional on your regular replacement of the filters which are key to the effectiveness of the units. All units have been independently tested and proven 99% effective in the removal of dust and odours in an enclosed space.

The HSE estimate that thousands of British workers have come to suffer from Asthma and other respiratory related diseases as a direct cause of inhalation of dangerous fumes, dust particles and gases in the workplace. Bench Vent aim to support the educational process in eradicating such malpractices in the workplace and ensuring workers are protected at all times from the dangers of inadequate ventilation.

In a scientific environment BenchVent supply fumes cupboards for storage of chemicals, laminar flow cabinets, and items designed specifically for an educational setting. See the website for further details.

For controlling of soldering fumes, Bench Vent can supply a hand-held system that can be clamped in place to extract and filter the fumes, and benefits from portability so can be moved from one workstation to another with ease.

Bench Vent products are made to order in the UK so if you have a special requirement or you need someone to come and evaluate a site, please call or email for advice.

Bench Vent

01423 790039


  Tel:    01423 790039
Web: http://www.benchvent.com
Email: info@benchvent.com


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