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  Moveable acoustic wall systems - Beehive Folding Partitions Ltd  
  The concept of moveable walls is no longer a new revolution, however, the technology within and the structure of our wall system, the choice of material finishes, the configurations and design options we are able to offer, combine together to provide you with a superior product which will stand the test of time use after use.

Working with a family business, we have developed a superior moveable wall systen for any installation. Every wall is bespoke and made to measure containing components, which are constantly being developed and improved. With modern materials, the walls can be designed to blend into the surrounding area to provide a fully integrated moveable wall system. Tested to achieve the highest sound insulation, the moveable flat wall system will achieve a sound rating of up to 54db R-w in situ.
  Tel:    01609 883882
Web: http://www.beehive-partitions.com
Email: enquiries@beehive-partitions.com
Fax:   01609 88373


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