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  Smoking,Bus Cycle and Weather Shelters - Autocross Plastics  

General legislation outlawing smoking is coming! But it doesn’t mean that your employees who smoke will cut down. So... protect the rest of your staff. Give smokers a place where they can smoke. Whether you like it or not, smokers need somewhere to be able to smoke. Why not acquire such a place for them? Somewhere where non-smokers are not bothered by the emissions from their smoking colleagues. A place where smokers can feel comfortable. You know they smoke: now you can know where they are. It’s safer, more hygienic and it makes sense!

Staff members who smoke no longer have to walk great distances to a place where smoking is allowed. They can quickly (and economically) get to the smoking station you have provided for them. Your staff will appreciate it – and a contented employee in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Autocross Euroshel Manufacturer Direct (Established 1969) have developed a web site where you can browse and buy stainless steel street furniture such as a bus shelter, a smoking shelter, a  weather shelter, and a cycle shelter that have all been made in Lancashire. These are shelters designed to look good for years ..and years....and years!

Our Client list reads like a survey of Britains Best Industries -why not let us put your name at the top in 2006! -and if you like what you see or want a bespoke shelter?......... Need to talk?? ............................. -Call on 0800 026 4568 or Fax on 01706 230 758 for instant information

  Tel:    01706216794
Web: http://www.euroshel.com
Email: bill@euroshel.com
Fax:   01706230758


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