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  UK number 1 public sector supplier for Bluetooth emergency messaging systems - Astracasting Limited  
Q – What are your products?
A – We have two products;
Astracasting Lite – is a simple to use system that has been developed to allow a client to manage and operate a single unit or small group of units from a laptop or PC. We supply the software that allows the “Bluetooth messaging” hardware device, to be programmed in order that it can send single or groups of messages to mobile phones. The management software has our own unique IP and is supplied with a user license to install on as many PCs as the client needs to use. The client can then program campaigns to be sent out using a calendar, so that you can run multiple adverts during the week as promotions to find new customers and visitors alike. Using the mini lithium battery pack we supply, the sender device can be deployed remotely for guerrilla marketing campaigns, where you go to where your potential customers gather and market your business to them “off premise”.
Astracasting max – has been developed as a hard wired network of units, that can be managed by a centrally located marketing department and allows the client to remotely program the sender devices. This is designed for site operators with multiple sites, who don’t want the hassle of visiting each site to program the hardware devices. Operators can retrieve statistics on usage and can re-program advert campaigns on all or any of the network group that they control. Again this is our own unique software with our own IP.
Q – How are you better than other “Bluetooth marketing” companies?
A – We believe that our customers are the only people who can honestly answer this question, so we have attached testimonials to our website for your perusal. You will note that many of these are from respected public sector users, mainly because this is where we have had most success. We have hundreds of users of our systems, but the majority to date are public sector.
Q – Who are your clients?
Half of all UK police forces are our clients, along with fire brigades and councils and schools and universities in the private sector. We also supply top nightclub chains like Luminar Leisure and Nexum and the top clubs in Ibiza. We have gymnasiums, estate agents, property developers, pub and club owners, restaurants, taxi companies and many other users.
Q - How do we purchase your products?
A- We like to treat our clients as individuals and don’t publish pricing. Call us for a bespoken quotation and to discuss how we can help build your business with our innovative products.
  Tel:    01726 812233
Web: http://www.astracasting.com
Email: sales@astracasting.com
Fax:   01726 813100


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