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  Aquatrac uk the number 1 automatic safety cover made in the uk. - Aquatrac UK ltd  

The Aquatrac automatic safety cover was developed in the UK over 20 years ago. Itw as designed primarily for the growing number of domestic swimming pools. The famous Rolls Royce photo was a genuine test to prove the strength othe cover beyond all question. No other cover has been tested this way.

The Aquatrac is an extremely efective cover  for all season providing unparalleled ease of operation, in addition to heat retention, chemical use is reduced. Debris does not enter the pool. Ease of use is incredible.Indoor pools the Aquatrac reduces the humidity build up.

There are now over 3000 pools in and around the Uk. 

We have a model that will suit all types of pool from the rectangular , kidney shape and infinity pool.

Britains best known and most reliable safety cover.

Great Bistish safety Covers for great pools.

  Tel:    01268 571515
Web: http://www.aquatrac.co.uk
Email: sales@aquatrac.co.uk
Fax:   01268 562486


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