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  Cycle and Motorcycle Shelters, Smoking Shelters, Umbrellas, Canopies/Walkways and Street Furniture - Apex Shelters  

Some benefits of Apex Shelters’ are:-

  • All our cycle shelters have racks as an integral part of the structure.  This primarily, is to stop the build-up of litter that gets lodged in the equivalent ground fixed racks, which becomes an eyesore and a burden to remove. 
  • Secondly, there can be a saving on installation costs.  If a shelter is to be installed where concrete pockets is the means of securing the shelter to the ground, there is a reduction of four pockets per shelter.  This, therefore, reduces the costs of materials and working hours.  Also, aesthetically, the installation is far more pleasing to the eye when as little disruption as possible has been carried out on the existing surface.
  • All of our single sided cycle shelters are based on units for 12 cycles and 24 cycles for our double sided shelters.  Our prices compare, like for like, with our competitors’ shelters which are based on units of 10 cycles and 20 cycles respectively.  The savings are significant when storing larger numbers of cycles.

As well as the wide range of standard products, goods can be custom made to suit specific site requirements.


The range of shelters and street furniture are available in a range of standard colours or can be powder coated in your corporate colour.


A free of charge site survey is available, if required, where a site surveyor will visit your premises, advise upon a suitable location, measure the area and provide a full quotation.


Planning permission, if required, can be carried out on your behalf by our qualified architect.

  Tel:    01704 546522
Web: http://www.apexshelters.co.uk
Email: sales@apexshelters.co.uk
Fax:   01704 517437


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