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  Asset, Maintenance and Renewals Management Software for Schools, Trusts and Federations - Altuity Solutions Ltd  


AltoSites provides a highly visual map and plan based environment for managing your assets. Its cloud based meaning you can manage one or more schools easily and effectively without adding to your IT workload or costs – perfect for trusts and federations seeking a consistent, holistic approach.

Typically our users find themselves in a number of current scenarios:-

  • Limited budgets, IT resources or experience with IT systems.

  • Currently using manual, spreadsheet or paper based processes or have a system which is unsupported, over-complex or too expensive.

  • Re-organisation or staff changes provide an opportunity to review existing processes.

  • Increased accountability and the need to demonstrate operational control to an increasing number of stakeholders mean a new approach is required to analyzing and reporting information.


Summary of Key Features on textual management of assets on maps, site and floor plans.

  • Maps and plans provide a visual background to manage data – more intuitive, easier to use.

  • Enhanced reporting with dashboards and analytics – identify areas of concern, reduce maintenance costs, improve audit and inspection results.

  • Proactive alerts notify upcoming renewals (contracts, insurances, leases etc.) – reduce the workload and risk associated with renewal management.

  • Set triggers to watch for key data changes – new faults, changes to critical assets etc. Ensure no important data changes go unnoticed.

  • Schedule compliance and maintenance inspections – AltoSites does the work for you including communicating with contractors if you want it to.

  • Defect and Fault management – easily record and track defects and faults.

  • Mobile working saves time and costs.

  • Manage one or more sites in a single environment.

  • Cloud based – simple browser access required. No additional internal IT resources required. We manage the system for you.

    Any types of asset can be managed such as:-

  • IT equipment.

  • M&E.

  • Catering.

  • Heating.

  • Security.

  • Critical assets (smoke alarms, hydrants, fire extinguishers etc.)

  • Building infrastructure assets.

  • Estate assets such as playing fields.

And other assets such as:-

  • Documents and media e.g. photographs.

  • Insurances, leases, contracts. (including tracking renewals)

AltoSites includes defect / fault recording. In-built watchers provide automatic alerts of important data changes keeping you proactively informed and in control.

A dashboard and reporting capability provides data insight for you and your team. You can also provide access to other stakeholders – such as members of the senior leadership team, governors or trustees.

For more information visit www.altuity.com

  Tel:    +44-(0)117 900 1600
Web: https://www.altuity.com
Email: info@altuity.com


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