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  Wireless Nurse Call Systems - Aid Call  

Our Wireless System:

  • Meets the strict safety standards of Class 1 compliance
  • Is anti-microbially protected as standard
  • Uses a secure dedicated alarm frequency
  • Ensures its alarm signal is received
  • Lets staff pick up next call from any call point

Our Touchsafe® Wireless Nurse Call is an essential communications system for alerting staff to calls, visually and audibly, from patients or other members of staff.  Because it is radio based, it is infinitely expandable.


We offer:

Safe, reliable, professional Nurse Call solutions at any exceptional price

· Powerful Telecare and remote health management and healthcare solutions

• Individually tailored solutions to meet your needs and budget

• Excellent customer service - from onsite demonstration to complete aftercare

• Over 30 years experience in the industry

· Continuous innovation and investment in research and development

· Leading edge technology to improve system effectiveness

• National coverage

• 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support line for all customers

• Tailored maintenance contracts

• In-house engineers available throughout the UK


Safety First


Our Touchsafe® Wireless Nurse Call offers greater flexibility for users. It is a secure, professional system using the dedicated Pan European 869Mhz alarm frequency in conjunction with Listen Before Talk anti collision technology to ensure patient safety and meets the latest Class 1 safety critical standards.

With its unique two-way system, the call point transmits until it receives acceptance of the call from the display panel, ensuring that all calls are received securely.


Infection Controlled

All elements of our new Touchsafe® range, which need to be touched or handled, are embedded with powerful anti-microbial additives to help combat the spread of infection.

This provides lifelong protection, that won’t wear away, against the spread of infection.



Wireless radio systems give all the functionality of a hardwired system but with the added benefit of complete flexibility. The alarm system goes wherever the client is; the client does not have to be tied to the one bed location. The ‘wire free’ nature of the system allows the call points to be located and then re-located in any required location, without the need of an engineering call out.


Easily Installed

The installation of a Touchsafe® Wireless Nurse Call system provides minimal disruption for patients and no need for redecoration as it does not require large amounts of cabling .


Backwards Compatible

Thanks to our system’s backwards compatibility you can add to, and upgrade, an existing Touchsafe® system at your own convenience


Flexible Finance

With a variety of leasing options, that can include maintenance, and that are tailored to suit your individual needs you can have the level of technology you deserve, at a price you can afford.



We offer a full year’s warranty, on going maintenance if required and a helpline allowing you to speak to a fully trained advisor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


If you are looking for a wireless nurse call system don’t take the risk, talk to us first.

Call one of our consultants on 0800 052 3616 or visit www.aidcall.co.uk.


NEW Touchsafe® Professional Call Point ATX4000/ ATX5000



The ATX4000 / ATX5000 are the most advanced radio nurse call units on the market.



·         Secure two-way radio providing call acknowledgement at call point

·         Contains lifetime anti-microbial additives

·         Class 1, EN 300 220 compliant

·         869.2625 MHz dedicated Pan European alarm channel

·         Infra red staff identification/attack facility




·         LCD display screen provides call information on demand

·         Next call waiting, improving speed of response

·         Shows reassurance messages that call has been received by display panel



NEW Touchsafe® Professional Display Panel CP5000


Our innovative CP5000 control unit is set to revolutionise patient/nurse communications.


·         All touchable elements contain lifetime anti-microbial additives to combat contamination and infection

·         15” TFT flat screen

·         Full text information display format

·         Multiple zones per panel

·         Selectable automatic alarms/reminders

·         Bespoke standby screen graphics

·         Inbuilt call logging (in excess of 10 million records)

·         Detail of patient alarm and location with staff editing facility

·         DECT phone or paging connectivity

·         Mapping facility giving active call and staff location

  Tel:    0800 052 3616
Web: http://www.aidcall.co.uk
Email: healthcaresales@aidcall.co.uk
Fax:   N/A


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