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  Chemical-free hand-held on-demand cleaner - Activeion (Europe) GmbH  
Activeion (Europe) GmbH, located in Baden, Switzerland, is the European subsidiary of Activeion Cleaning Solutions, LLC, headquartered in Rogers, Minnesota, USA.

Activeion is a privately held cleaning technology company created to revolutionise the cleaning industry through the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of advanced cleaning technologies and products.

Addressing the ever-growing need for sustainable cleaning, Activeion’s ionised water technology solutions are ideal for businesses, offices, care homes, hotels, hospitals, schools and other organisations.


For more information, visit www.activeion.com or www.activeion.co.uk.
  Tel:    +41 22 533 00 30
Web: http://www.activeion.com
Email: karin.mugnaini@activeion.com
Fax:   +41 22 533 00 34


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