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  Nova-Flo stops a bath overflowing before it happens - About Time Design Ltd  

Each year a vast number of properties suffer flooding from taps being left on. They are often forgotten or misjudged by hotel guests, or caused by disgruntled tenants with the intention to flood. Overseas Guests may be used to a 'wet room' bathroom with a drain in the centre of it where it is pleasurable to let the bath overflow.

Nova-Flo™ is a magnetically operated (non electrical) device which senses the water level in a bath and shuts off the taps automatically to prevent flooding and water & energy wastage instantly.

Nova-Flo™ is easy to fit and can be installed behind virtually any bath. Nova-Flo™'s slim and compact design together with John Guest® Speedfit® plumbing connections means that any competent plumber can usually fit the product in under an hour.

Nova-Flo™ is a multi-award winning product and is WRAS approved.

  Tel:    020 7793 2260
Web: http://www.nova-flo.com
Email: info@nova-flo.com
Fax:   087 2115 2573


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