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  Energy saving and Power Factor Correction equipment - AJM Energy  

Power Factor Correction:

The hidden cost of the electricity supply: Return on investment usually less than 2 years.

Voltage Optimisation:

Old technology re discovered. Taking control of the voltage saves up to 20%.

Powerboss Motor Optimiser:

Has the potential to save between 5 and 20% of the power being consumed by electric motors. Return on investment is usually less then 2 years.

Energy Efficient Lighting:

Replacing old switch start fluorescent and high bay lighting: savings of between 50 and 80% with T5 and LED's are possible

Sub Metering:

To monitor is to know. To know is to manage!

  Tel:    01924 496584
Web: http://www.kwsaving.co.uk
Email: ajmenergy@btinternet.com
Fax:   01924 496249


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