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  A Voice Against The Hidden Killer: Asbestos - ACAD Asbestos Control and Abatement Division  

Working closely with the HSE and other government bodies, ACAD represents its membership by working in partnership with other organisations to develop new legislation and to improve standards throughout the industry.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance which has caused profound issues within both the private and commercial sectors; often resulting in financial detriment for organisations and personal injury for some workers. It is not a dangerous substance in the generally accepted sense; it does not induce cancer directly. The damage is caused by the release of asbestos fibres which are too small to be seen without a microscope. This happens when asbestos-containing materials are cut, drilled, or damaged in some way or become worn or flaking.

ACAD’s main aims and objectives are to improve overall Health & Safety standards within the industry, provide asbestos training to the industry, act positively to promote best working practices and to provide accurate information to our members and the industry as a whole.

ACAD provides a collective voice to represent member’s interests on all matters affecting the asbestos industry. We offer technical and legislative support and deliver awareness training.

Specific courses can be arranged to meet individual needs. ACAD members qualify for significant discounts on the full range of training courses including:

•    Asbestos Awareness Training
•    Asbestos Management Training
•    New Supervisor Training
•    New Operative Training

Members also receive copies of the informative and improved ACADemy Magazine with a “Meet our Members” feature and regular newsletters with up to date information on regulations of asbestos removal. Members qualify for discounted advertising rates too. The introduction of ACAD Insurance Solutions in 2007 has been a great success, with premiums being reduced by a significant amount throughout the industry, as a result of

ACAD introducing an alternative insurance broker to the market. ACAD will provide national representation at Health & Safety executive level.

ACAD membership gives you practical guidance on industry Health & Safety matters, access to the full resources available including technical, legal and medical advice. ACAD is one of the UK’s leading providers of asbestos training with venues throughout the country. Training can be very flexible by making it cost effective in-house to Industry / HSE Standards.

Our support for this and other initiatives will continue to provide real benefits to our members. Other benefits of ACAD are auditing, up to the minute email bulletins, newly re-launched user-friendly website and providing a network for your business such as regular regional meetings throughout the UK, and the Annual General Meeting.

There are various forms of membership to ACAD including Associate and Information Memberships. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Contact Membership: Georgina Key
T: 01325 734 133 E: georginakey@tica-acad.co.uk
Contact Training: Ann Lineton
T: 01325 734 134 E: annlineton@tica-acad.co.uk
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  Tel:    01325 466 704
Web: http://www.tica-acad.co.uk
Email: georginakey@tica-acad.co.uk
Fax:   01325 487 691


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