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  Earth auger and screw pile installation torque heads - ABC ANchors  

Autoguide Equipment designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment, particularly earth auger and screw pile installation torque heads.

Screw piles were invented in England in 1833 and Chance Pisa (Power installed screw anchors) have been used by the utilities (Telecom and Electrical power distribution) for over 50 years. The extensive testing and research carried out by AB Chance enables ABC Anchors to offer solutions to most screw pile applications using either Helicap software or a combination of the Technical Manual and in field testing.

Success in pile installation depends on selection of the correct piles plus use of the extensive range of torque heads available from Autoguide Equipment. In many situations the higher initial cost of a screw pile is more than offset by much faster installation, no concrete (or very little) and no spoil disposal. To fully utilise the time savings it is essential that the installation equipment is easy to use, fast in operation, reliable and, when used correctly, safe. Autoguide’s experience in developing new methods of torque head mounting and innovative combinations of motors and gearboxes gives pile installers the best possible solutions.

ABC Anchors Product Range

All production or distribution is based on current products in the AB Chance programme.

To ensure we can react to customer demand we hold extensive stocks of PISA (tension only) anchors plus materials to produce larger square and all sizes of round shaft piles. At present our main production covers anchors and piles up to 440kN ultimate capacity. Higher capacity anchors are produced for special situations.

Screw Pile advantages

  • Speed of installation – often 10 minutes per pile up to 6 metres long
  • No wet trades – concrete is not used except for form ground beams or grout piles into existing foundations
  • Piles can accept full load immediately after installation
  • Monitoring of installation torque accurately indicates capacity – problems will show up on installation
  • As screw piles can be removed very easily they are well suited to temporary uses
  • Anchors can be supplied galvanised or fitted with cathodic protection for aggressive soil or marine applications
  • Screw anchors can be installed at any angle to suit the load
  • A wide range of terminations are available to suit tension compression and combination loads
  Tel:    01380 850885
Web: http://www.abcanchors.co.uk
Email: sales@abcanchors.co.uk
Fax:   01380 850010


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