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  3G Food Service supplies high quality catering products to the food service sector. - 3G Food Service & Seafood Solutions  

3G Food Service & Seafood Solutions is a specialist supplier of high quality catering products to the food service sector. The company operates six multi-temperature distribution depots nationwide: Hull, Stevenage, North West (Wigan), Tonbridge, South West (Wotton-Under-Edge) and Andover. The distribution network allows customers to benefit from a fast and efficient one order, one delivery service that combines chilled fish and seafood with frozen food deliveries.

3G Food Service provides a wide range of high quality catering products designed to help caterers create simple, tasty and quality meal solutions which are also highly profitable. With over 20 different product categories in the range, there is an ideal product available to meet any requirement

3G Food Service launched Seafood Solutions, a tailor made range of fresh and frozen fish and seafood for food service caterers, in 2005. Presented in unique leak proof packaging that’s exclusive to 3G, the range features over 100 species available in 500+ preparation options, including salmon and trout, flat fish, warm and cold water round fish, game fish, smoked fish and shellfish.

In addition to a wide range of independent customers, 3G Food Service & Seafood Solutions works with branded chains such as La Tasca, EAT and Wagamama.

3G Food Service & Seafood Solutions’ sourcing expertise across food service and particularly fish and seafood, is second to none. This enables the company to locate creative products, support sustainable fishing and ensure consistently high quality.

from starters and buffet items, main courses and world cuisine, to premium desserts and choices for children.
  Tel:    0870 850 5213
Web: http://www.3gfoodservice.co.uk
Email: info@3gfoodservice.co.uk
Fax:   01482 593701


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